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St John the Evangelist, Bourne End

(Photo: Richard Grayson, 11th September 2014.)

St John's is located on the Berkhamsted side of the village of Bourne End.


First World War

The cemetery contains graves of five people listed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission as being WWI graves:

T. Geary

William Harvey Gilbert

J. Putnam

Edward Waller

George Henry Warren

The Church contains a plaque to:

Roger Cecil Taylor

Please Contact Us if you have any further information on any of these individuals.


The National Inventory of War Memorials list a Roll of Honour created in 1917.  A copy of the names is:

(Photo: Richard Grayson, 15th September 2014.)

A further Battlefield Cross which, according to the inventory, is in the Church, has not yet been located.


Second World War

Two of the names on the above Roll of Honour are possibly from the Second World War.  Certainly George Gardiner matches another name for which there is local information, and it is possible that Andrew Smith was added with his name after First World War fatalities.


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