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Other conflicts: 1960s

The Cold War & the Berlin Wall

(Interview by Louise Hayes and Pippa Carr, 12th January 2011.)

Godfrey Orrell served in Berlin as part of 62 Squadron of the Royal Army Service Corps. He was there when the Berlin Wall was established.  He told us:

It just came out of the blue. I was actually the Orderly Officer for the barracks that weekend. Looking back on it, it was strange, almost eerie, because I knew from the radio that the Wall was being built and there was activity down there so I was actually quite prepared – for a change we’re actually going to be called out to go to stations and it will mean something – but they didn’t call us out and we sat there – we knew the Wall was going up – but we didn’t take any action at all.

Read more of this interview here.




The Hemel Hempstead War Memorial contains the name of one local death in Aden in 1965: G. Collins.

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