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Private 5955505 Frederick Albert Bone

5th Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment

6th August 1943

Son of Harry and Agnes May Bone; husband of Margaret Winifred Bone, of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery, B4.D.13

This information was provided by Bernard Lamb, using a number of records in particular WO 361/2111: Prisoners of War, Far East: 5th Battalion, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment, nominal roll, held at the National Archives. Read more in Bernard's article on this site.

Place of Death: Thanbyuzayat, Burma.

Cause of Death:  Dysentery, Malaria, Beri Beri.

Memorial:  Thanbyuzayat War Memorial Roll of Honour.

Address:    2 Storey Street, Apsley End, Hemel Hempstead War.

History: Sailed from Liverpool 29/10/1941, arrived Singapore 29/01/1942, captured by the Japanese 15/02/1942.

Departure from Singapore:  Overland by train 25/04/1943 with F Force.

Camp and Work Group:  Songkuria No 2 Camp.  

F Force consisted of 7000 men of which 3374 were British. They suffered appalling losses and experienced the worst conditions of any work party. Songkuria was known as a death camp. Out of 1600 British men around 600 died while building a bridge and a further 600 after being evacuated to Thanbyuzayat.

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