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Year 12 Research


On 30 June 2015, Year 12 students at The Hemel Hempstead School spent the morning using battalion war diaries from the First World War to find out about local men who had lost their lives in the conflict.  The work adopts 'Military History from the Street' methods developed by Professor Richard Grayson, who has supported 'Hemel at War' since it was initiated.  The students' historical writing is available using the links below:

Denis Westwood by Florin Reid and Robert Wells

Edward Minter by Daisy Bishop and Leah Collins

Frederick Clamp by Kieran Baxter

Henry Sutton by Ella Tilford and Lucy Deering

John Coker by Shivani Thakrar, Megan Clarke and Lizzie Ellis

William Burness by Katie Rowe, Anna Bennett and Eloise Hepburn

A year later, on 24th June 2016, further work was done:

Walter Farrow by Francesca Burger, Debbie Adu and Adam Wood

Sidney Pratt by Ryan Wilson, Will Nicholls and Daniel Keene

Robert Quartermass by Tara Hancock & Bryn Holmes

Herbert Arnott & Charles Whittaker by David Snow and Edward Langley

In 2016, Year 12 student Matt James began working on the stories of of men killed in the 2nd Bedfordshires, the battalion in which more Hemel men died than in any other.  Work complete so far is:

Edwin Cox

Nimrod Oakins

Edwin Morgan

Bertie Charge

On 27th June 2017, the following pieces were completed:

Albert Charge and Cecil Collings by Dorothy Harper and Emma Morley

Alfred Bass by Zara Briggs, Abbie Clark and Eleanor Clark

Ernest Claridge, Henry Gamble, Arthur Janes and Frederick Taylor by Sam Capron, Alex Taylor and Matthew Beeton

Horace Harding, Joseph Hosier and Alfred Mead by John Bristow and Evie Hubbard

Reginald Ambrose, Frederick Leach and Richard Hoar by Charlotte Smith and Isabelle England

Eleanor Clark then did further work and completed:

Leonard Scott

William Odell

Fredrick Halsey

George Squires

Harry Spooner

On 10th July 2018, students wrote the following:

Thomas Childs and Edward Fairbank by Lucinda Dodd and Anastasia Skopek

Thomas Brinklow by Ethan George and Molly MacDonnell

Frederick Bandfield and Frederick Charge by Poppy Whalley and Ed Shaw

Harry Biggerstaff and Frederick Cole by Mel Heather, Faith Hancock and Tia Dabare

Edwin Thorn by Daisy Whitbourn and Eve Melling

On 25th June 2019, students wrote about:

Thomas Cook by Robbie Tripp, Anna Smith and Sam Eades

William Day by Jake Brown and Georgia-Lee Harden

Charles Philbey by Keir Holmes, Charles Priest, Annie Martell, Harriet Norris

Stanley Picton by Maisie Hill and Lucy Kyne

Reginald Sharp by Marley Adams

The project resumed in 2024, with some of the break due to the effects of the pandemic, and on 4th July 2024 Year 12 students wrote the following:

John Biswell by Huxley Foulkes and Peter Arthur

Edgar Butler by Chloe Piper, Zara Crawley and Bhavandeep Walia

Frederick Carpenter by Lucy Fidler, Leeya Karavadra and Holly Stewart 

Arthur Cook by Oliver Heathcote, Mia Maslen-Wollington and Olivia Trzcinska 


We are very pleased that the 'Hemel at War' approach has been used at Bishop Thomas Grant School for Streatham at War.


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